Week 1: Mirrors & Windows

As a photographer, my passions and interests identify much closer with the ‘window’ analogy. My curiosity to learn and constantly question things, meanings and purpose certainly aids this alignment.

I feel like almost every photograph can be categorised into either the ‘window’ or ‘mirror’ metaphor. In almost every occasion, the image being taken or observed is either a reflection of one’s self or one’s own experience, or it is a window into another school of thought, documenting a world far removed from our own. It can be expressed as a window into discovery as we see in archeological and scientific photography. Therefore, the meaning of ‘mirrors and windows’ can be considered metaphorical, or indeed can be taken quite literally – even the first photograph ever taken featuring people (see below) was a Parisian street scene with a building and its windows in the foreground. Metaphorically this image also became “a window” into that particular moment in that particular place for anyone who came to view it after its publication.

1838 – Daguerre, Louis

There are many reasons as to why I wish to develop my photography practice. Whilst the majority of my work thus-far has been within the genre of portraiture, I’d like to use this passion for working with and understanding people (at a personal level but also sociologically and anthropologically) to explore new creative concepts and methods whilst effectively challenging the way we see people and found new theories.

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