This week has been a time for reflection on the matter of “authorship” and how this is interpreted, particularly when it comes to collaborative work in imaging.
Upon realising similar interests and photographic style, I teamed up with Tony Woolliscroft to explore how we could create a collaborative piece of work.

As news of growing unemployment figures accompany the daily pandemic coronavirus updates, hunger and poverty rates continue to snowball at an alarming rate.

Everning Standard – above image by Jeremy Selwyn

Many town centres throughout the UK had already been suffering prior to 2020. Economic decline and the rise and rise of online shopping via the likes of Amazon had our high streets on their knees.
BHS, Woolworths, Debenhams, Mothercare had already fell victim. But as the coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep the country, it has become what may be the final nail in the High Street coffin.

The BBC reports “UK unemployment is likely to reach 2.6 million in the middle of 2021” (

Today, in February 2021 as we only go out for essential work or shopping, the town centres have become a place of desperation, despair and nostalgic longing. Below is an image taken by Tony last week as he walked through his local town centre in Staffordshire.

Above: Original image ‘Queuing at The Pawnbrokers’ by Tony Woolliscroft (Feb. 2021)
Above: Al Capone Soup Kitchen – Getty Images

Below is the final image we produced, ‘Groundhog’. It highlights the current situation whilst ethereal characters of years past contribute to the idea that such recessions and troubled times come around like clockwork; history repeats itself.

Groundhog Day – A collaboration by Jamie Ormston & Tony Woolliscroft

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