Oral Presentation

PHO710 Positions & Practice

List of Figures:

fig. 1: ZUZANNA PA (2017) The Photographer
fig. 2: Henri Matisse (1910) The Dance
fig. 3: CHRISTOPHER MELVILLE ORMSTON. (1997) En Vacances
fig. 4: Patrick Witty (2001) 9/11
fig. 5: JAMIE ORMSTON (2020) Stow-Away
fig. 6: JAMIE ORMSTON (2020) Süddeutsche Zeitung: REISE , 197, p.32
fig. 7: SIRKKA-LIISA KONTTINEN (1971) Carville Road at Night (Byker)
fig. 8: SIRKKA-LIISA KONTTINEN (1975) Mrs. Potter in Mason Street (Byker)
fig. 9: Family Archive Collection
fig. 10: Family Archive Collection
fig. 11: Carville Road, Byker. 1911 Census, Pubic Record Office RG 13/4790, National Archives, Great Britain
fig. 12: Robert Burns (1930) Family Archive Collection
fig. 13: Tish Murtha (1981) Youth Unemployment.
fig. 14: Henry Melville Richardson (1939) Family Archive Collection
fig. 15: Family Archive Collection
fig. 16: Family Archive Collection
fig. 17: Family Archive Collection
fig. 18: ROBERT DOISNEAU (1950) Kiss by the Hôtel de Ville
fig. 19: JAMIE ORMSTON (2021) Kiss by The County Hall
fig. 20: JAMIE ORMSTON (2020) Most Faithful Mirror
fig. 21: DIANE ARBUS (1962) Child with a toy hand grenade in Central Park, NYC
fig. 22: JAMIE ORMSTON (2021) Blessed Things
fig. 23: JAMIE ORMSTON (2021) Blessed Things
fig. 24: JAMIE ORMSTON (2021) Blessed Things
fig. 25: JAMIE ORMSTON (2021) Blessed Things
fig. 26: JAMIE ORMSTON (2021) Blessed Things
fig. 27: JAMIE ORMSTON (2021) Blessed Things
fig. 28: JAMIE ORMSTON (2021) Blessed Things
fig. 29: JAMIE ORMSTON (2021) Westminster


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Hirst, W (2011) A ten-year follow-up of a study of memory for the attack of September 11, 2001: Flashbulb memories and memories for flashbulb events.
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