The One Where We All Realised How Precious Time Is

Friends: The Reunion – HBO, 2021

Last night, millions around the world watched Friends: The Reunion as it was aired on HBO & Sky. What does it have to do with photography? I hear you ask. Not a lot, at first glance. But it was a program that unearthed all sorts of emotions and feelings of nostalgia and had me reminiscing about a simpler time. A recurring theme throughout my photographic practice.

It was an emotional hour and a half as I watched it late last night whilst sat in bed. Did the loneliness of the night have something to do with my emotions as I watched? Perhaps. I thoroughly enjoyed witnessing the return of the comedic sextet, particularly as they re-read old scripts and reflected on best bits from old episodes. But, as it ended, I felt more emotion than I remember feeling when the six friends placed their keys on the table and left their New York apartment for the final time.

It’s only the next day, but I’m still trying to figure out these emotions. For me, the one that really hit home, was in a moment of realisation of the unstoppable marching of time and suddenly feeling, and experiencing, age.

I begin to question, is this why the theme of nostalgia is so prominent at the current time in my career as a photographic practitioner? Have I hit some sort of inevitable checkpoint in life where this epiphany, right on cue, occurs in us as human beings?

I will need to ponder on these thoughts and emotions over the coming days or weeks perhaps, but I felt it important to note down this shift in thinking in this moment.

Stay tuned…

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